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Photography and Videography · Gaithersburg Maryland United States

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76 ratings
136 jobs completed

I first picked up a video camera in the mid 2000s and have never put it down! I loved it! I was given the opportunity to work with the top cinematographer in Hawaii as well as the best photographers in the islands and the experience and knowledge I gained from them have really molded me into what I am today. It was because of them that I was able to take the plunge into still photography and find my 2nd passion. If I had to choose which I love more, I couldn't. In either case, I would be absolutely happy to assist you in creating a finished piece that we both will be proud to call our own creation!

Akemi's Overall Rating


SmartShoot Partner 2012-07-13

"Lots of options - good mix of food &amp; decor."

SmartShoot Partner 2012-09-14

"The photographer did an okay job with this property. Some of the angles were a bit low, and would have been nice to see more of a variety throughout. Exposures were pretty good, brackets matched up so over all an okay job. Wished for more interior shots (more room options) and more angles of the exterior. Ended with a decent slideshow. Would recommend them again... just think about angles more next time!"

SmartShoot Partner 2013-01-07

"Some frames were not sharp - even with selective focus they were...off. Lighting on the food dishes were also a bit - off. Either to harsh, or flat. I know the exterior was lack luster - but I feel the shooter could have got a more intriguing angle."

SmartShoot Partner 2012-09-13

"The photographer did an okay job with this not so okay property. Brackets matched up, which helped with the editing process. Wish we would have seen more of the common areas of this property just b/c there isn't much to show when it comes to the exterior but over all came out with a clean simple slide show. Need to watch the color cast that were seen throughout some of the room and dinning images. "

SmartShoot Partner 2012-11-30

"Composition: could use some perfecting - sometimes shot a little low to the groung Styling: bed was not smoothed out but most other things were good Exposure/Bracketing: decent/good Color Balance: too cool, woud be better if white balance was set Image Quality: good Shot list: good Recommend for another shoot?: yes"

SmartShoot Partner 2013-02-08

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