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AJ Mast

Photography and Videography · Indianapolis Indiana United States

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4 ratings
48 jobs completed

At the age of 9, I used a vintage 1959 Petri rangefinder and the exposure information inside a Tri-X film carton to complete an advanced art class project. And thus began my career making photographs for international publications and corporations. After the Southeast Center for Photo/graphic Studies I worked in the newspaper world for nearly a decade before becoming an independent photographer.

AJ Mast's Overall Rating


enlivantliving 2018-07-20

"In the future, try to get wider shots of the individual dishes. Thanks!"

Grubhub Manager 2019-04-29

"Moving forward, please get wider shots of dishes. GH uses the photos in a variety of sizes, so if the images are cropped in too much, and they need to crop them to meet a certain format, then the images do not look as nice. They would like a buffer around all edges."

Grubhub Manager 2019-04-26

"Try to spread the dishes out more so they occupy the entire frame for the hero shot. Thanks!"

Grubhub Manager 2019-05-30