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Aether Films

Videography · Encinitas California United States

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Projects starting at $1500

Aether Films is a different kind of production company that utilizes high tech solutions to capture unique angles and perspectives. We specialize in video production and visual storytelling in everything from advertising to full length features. We thrive on working with clients in all aspects of the visual creative process. What specifically sets us apart is our knowledge of high-tech robotics and video production. By combining these skills we've been able to create some of the best low cost camera rigs in the world from scratch, including UAVs, RC cams, camera stabilizers and cable cameras. Aether films has created multiple viral videos that have reached over 80,000 viewers. We are eager to apply our skills to your business or production not only to enhance the quality of the material, but also encourage the viral spread of ALL of our projects. We're continuously amazed at the ability of visual production to captivate the masses and we've made that our specialty. Aether is also of the belief that the best ideas can emerge from anywhere. So get in touch with us and let's see what we can create.

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