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Alok Bhat

Videography · Palo Alto California United States

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Advertising Videos

Our process 1. Kick off Call First, we discuss what your goals and vision are for the video. We try to understand your market and the product that you offer so we can best communicate your message. We also talk about the type of video you need – style, tone, duration, constraints. 2. Concept & Scriptwriting Easily the most important element of a video, the script has to be clear, simple, and direct to the point so that viewers can quickly get your message. We can write the script or you can provide a rough outline. Either way we make sure it communicates your message perfectly and within the target video length. (150 words on average make 1 minute of video) 3. Storyboarding Next we create the storyboards. These are basic sketches that help us visualize the overall flow of the animation. We do this to save time. Animation can take a long time to do, and storyboards make sure we already agree on the flow before we even start the long animation process. 4. Voice Recording A professionally recorded voice over does wonders for a well written script. We only work with professional voice artists who know how to deliver great messages. We send you some demos and you choose whom you’d like to use for your video. If you need a specific style we can find one for you. 5. Design and Illustration We submit to you a design guide containing some sample frames for the video. We make sure we get the style and all the colors correctly before animation. Once we agree on the style we create all the needed illustration assets for the video. And if we need screenshots of your app/product/website we do them here too. 6. Animation / Live Shoot This is it! We bring together all the assets we created and make it come to life. We send you the draft video and go though the review process of comments and revisions. 7. Sound Effects / Music Design Once you are happy with the animation we design the sound effects and music. We pick out the best royalty free music for you to choose from and take care of the rest. 8. Final Delivery We produce the final video in the format you need: MOV, MP4, DVD, etc. Just let us know.

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Zinc by ZEDO

Zinc by ZEDO