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Advertising Videos - The Basics

Advertising Videography is a great way to present your business or service in an unique and effective way. Research shows that over 60% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a site that contains a video versus text. Having a corporate video is the perfect way to give visitors a sneak peek into your company and drive more business through your doors.

Carlos Ramos Jr.
Aleksandar Kostic

Tips for Advertising Videography


Know what you want

Give your videographer as much information up front as you can about what you want. Share your target audience and what you want to accomplish with the video. It's easy (and expensive) to know what you don't want after you see it so it's important to put in the effort upfront to develop your vision with your videographer.


Narrow it down

Once you know exactly the type of content you want, pick 4-5 creatives you think can do the job. Make sure they have viewable work online. Look for consistent quality. If possible reach out to some of their other clients to hear about their experience with that creator.


Making the best choice for you

Quick responses from creatives are always a good sign. Ask them about their process, tell them about your project and ask how they would go about completing it. Finally ask them about price and how long they need to turn the project around? Nail down a budget and deadline and see if it works for them. Be open to negotiation.


Time to hire & make magic

Once you found a creative you love, it's time to hire them! Make sure you discuss payment options. Most creatives prefer with 50% upfront and 50% upon approval of the final product. Be clear on deadline and the amount of edits you get. Speak about clearances and rights. Once you get all the legal stuff clear it's time to have fun and create some magic!

by Carlos Ramos Jr.

How much do advertising videos cost?

A typical video advertising budget is around $250-$500/day for each crew member for anywhere from 12-14 hour days. It also means most of the proper film tools such as lights, lighting accessories, stands, sandbags, tape, apple boxes, audio mics, mixer, sticks (tripods) camera and lens will be available. For a multi-day complex shoot, a crew needs to eat and if they can't leave the set to eat, they'll need food to keep them going. Every shoot is a different story, no pun intended. Some require more Benjamins and more crew members than the other. Beside crew rates, It all depends on the needed locations/studio rentals, props, actors, set design, camera rentals/equipment rentals, special effects, post editing, length, and purpose (TV or WEB). Pre-production (planning your video in advance) is key to ensuring you get what you need with your video and to managing your costs. Align your expectations with your budget - you can't expect a movie like "Titanic" to be made on a shoestring.

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An example project

2 minute Advertising Video

There are many different approaches to shooting an Advertising Video. Remember to preempt any questions and give examples of videos that you would like to see. Actors, animation, multiple locations and extra crew will all add to the production cost. Be sure to talk about what you would like to see and add appropriate examples where possible. Remember, the more information given before shooting takes place, the better.

Suggested Price: $5000

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