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Adventure Photography - The Basics

Adventure photography is all about effectively telling a story. Capturing great adventure photographs necessitates balancing photography with active participation, and combining powerful camera technique with an intense inspection of the unfolding events. Your reward will be influential and strong photos that clearly demonstrate the story of the adventures. Beside great camera gear, the most important aspect is health and fitness. When shooting adventure photography, the photographer needs to be prepared for a range of situations and needs a strategy for capturing a range of activities and special planning to make sure they are carrying the right gear. Taking pictures in adventure friendly settings (from mountains to rain forests) can be both dangerous and challenging. For some adventure photography pursuits, it is important to determine the environmental dangers to yourself, the photographer and the gear. Safety, for both you and the photographer, should be a priority. With great risk comes great reward. Time to start shooting some amazing adventure pictures.

Mawell Frank

Tips for Adventure Photography


Find Your Style

The best method for selecting an adventure photographer is to consider the purpose of the shoot, what you have in mind for the images, your budget and timeline. Look for a photographer whose portfolio has examples similar to what you have in mind.


Decide On Deliverables

Be sure to consult with your adventure photographer on what your goals are for the shoot and what you intend to do with the images. You should also consider what your turnaround time ideally looks like. With this info the photographer can send you a proposal on what they can achieve and for what price. Make sure you review the proposal and ask any questions to make the contract as clear as possible prior to the shoot.



When looking for a time to shoot It’s always best to schedule 2 weeks to a month out, but to keep in mind the typical weather in the region. Many photographers have equipment they cannot use in extreme or inclement weather. Popular adventure photographers book up fast, so the sooner you reach out the more likely they’ll be able to carve out a date for you.


After The Shoot

Most adventure pictures will be delivered digitally. If you use SmartShoot, you can use the image preview room to select your favorites. These are often touched up in post-production (where the photographer corrects lighting, color grades or removes blemishes, etc from the image).

How much do Adventure Photos cost?

Several factors can impact the cost of action photography. The biggest drivers are experience, quality, timing, usage and quantity. Experienced photographers will demand a higher price for their services, while a newer shooter might be able to offer you a deal to build their portfolio. If you're looking for magazine quality images be sure to budget accordingly. Prices will increase as the scope of the project goes. You can hire a photographer for a kids sporting event for around $100/hour or a couple hundred dollars for the day. Going for the full studio setup with lights, space, models, etc. will put the shoot in the $1500+ range. Here you pay for experience and quality.

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