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Adrian Fuentes

Photography · Marietta Georgia United States

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I have been shooting cameras in one form or another for almost 20 years now. I started with my trusty Ricoh 35mm in high school. All my friends were musicians, so a lot of my early photographs were of bands on stage. Then I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and got even more involved in the photographic life. I developed my own film, shot large-format cameras, and eventually started working at the school in the photo department and also at one of the premier professional photo labs in the area: E-6 Lab of Atlanta. Photography has been my life no matter where I have found myself. I have worked in Raleigh, NC, Buffalo, NY, and even Toronto, ON. But still I find myself always returning to Atlanta and seem to call it home. Like I said, I started with bands, have done head-shots, furniture, and most recently enjoy shooting interiors and architecture. I don't see myself ever giving up my photography and count myself lucky that I get to doing something I enjoy so much.

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