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Photography and Videography · Chicago Illinois United States

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4 ratings
19 jobs completed

A freelance artist who gives his all in whatever he creates.

Sode's Overall Rating

"If possible, please try to have at least 5 dishes visible for the hero image, and have it be an overhead shot. Thanks."

Grubhub Manager 2019-02-04

"Natural lighting appreciated, but please refrain from shooting in spots where the window creates distracting lines. Thank you!"

Grubhub Manager 2019-08-09

"In the future, try to get wider shots of the individual dishes. Thanks!"

Grubhub Manager 2019-04-16

"Single menu items are cropped too tight. Grubhub is looking for shots of food with some buffer between the dish in the center and the edges of the shot, at an approximate 50/50 ratio - You can see an example composition diagram here: https://d3nfodagugxf3s.cloudfront.net/brand-assets/grubhub/grubhub_50.50_safezone.png"

Grubhub Agent 2019-10-04