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Aaron Benjamin Photo

Photography and Videography · Spokane Washington United States

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Growing up in the Inland Northwest, I have always been spoiled with beauty in every direction- trees, mountains, lakes, wildlife, and even the people. It wasn't until I started traveling a bit when I realized how unbelievably good we really have it here in Coeur d’Alene. Adventure was always a top priority of mine as a kid, and luckily I had the necessary resources all around me! ​ Primarily my medium of art was a pencil and paper- I loved to sketch. But, the day I picked up a camera, everything changed for me. I remember thinking, “You mean I can capture a scene, or a moment in a fraction of a second?! And enhance its beauty even more with editing programs?” That instantly sold me (being a millennial in a very fast paced society) An adventurous spirit, and a desire to capture memories for years to come birthed the makings of a professional photographer. ​ It's been 9 years now since I started shooting, and I couldn't imagine life any other way. Everything, and everywhere I go turns into a photo-op- trying to see things as differently as possible. What sets me apart from many other photographers is that my passion for capturing moments comes before a paycheck. In other words, I don't do what I do for the money. I've shot everything from products, portraits, weddings, engagements, families, real estate, and now drone work. As much as a photo can tell a story, a film REALLY tells a story. For that reason, I’ve found myself moving more into the arena of videography and filmmaking. So, whether you need beautiful prints to hang in your home, a wedding that needs documenting, real estate photography, drone footage, or help with a business startup, I’d love to collaborate and bring my expertise to the table! Fill out your information; and we’ll be in contact shortly!

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