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Michael Wheaton

Photography and Videography · Hanover Maryland United States

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Hey Guys! Thanks for stopping by :-) My name is Michael and I have been a fan of creating content, taking photographs and telling stories since as long as I can remember- holding my mom's VHS video camera (I may have just aged myself..) Photography: Life has taken me on an incredible journey; In my twenties packing up and moving to LA to live my dream, working behind the scenes and producing reality shows, acting school, becoming a father, growing as a parent! Having the incredible opportunity to grow in business and learn first hand from others who have done it successfully before me! I love this "job"! Through all of what Life has for us, It freely gives us the unique advantage of ALWAYS having a story to tell. Whether it be through our experiences as Entrepreneurs , or when we realized how we could change our world we live in; through innovation, or marketing; Becoming a parents for the first time (nothing like it!!) Through services and non profit organizations; your Brand. Life is always preparing us for our destiny. As a photographer and videographer; to be able to translate your energy, story, and brand into an image or series of images through film fascinates me! What I love most about this, is the process. Working with each and every one of you to passionately share what it is that you desire to the world! I love sharing my gift of imagery with others. I've found it is one of the best ways for us as creatives to communicate. Videography: Late July 2012 I woke up at 2 AM with the "insane" idea of putting my friend on the hood of a car and taking the picture while driving.. I just needed to make sure I had a vehicle with a sunroof! He laughed and said "hell yeah, lets do it!" So about 45 minutes later he is at my house and now we needed to find a car and somebody who could record it..we called a few friends, one person is down for the ride! So with no time to waste we headed towards D.C. We did ask for assistance from the local authorities [random cop at a 7-11 haha I tried ;-)]. Although he did say he couldn't endorse it, he could see how passionate I was about the idea, as I described everything to him, he said; "make sure me or nobody else SEE's you try this, I'll have to arrest you." You got it. What a cool guy! So, we set off, did a few light tests and taped the flashes to the car, taped the camera to the roof and got it! Now all I needed to do was find an editor, just so happened I had a part time job at a frame shop and one of my co-workers husband.. was an editor! And a phenomenal one at that!! The Photo/Video concept was born. I knew I had something special. A few weeks later I ended up in LA on a business trip with a friend of mine who was working on the Recording Artists Guild and was invited to a networking event at the original Myspace building in Beverly Hills. The gentleman who was leasing the space was a media buyer, who I was introduced to. I had the opportunity to share with him the video and the concept of it, his words were "you're doing what I did for advertising back in the 80's" Which meant, I was changing the game.. it was later copyright protected. And I have been further studying ways to bring a unique way of using advertising campaigns to tells stories of brands, products, services, etc! The reason you are doing what you are doing as an Entrepreneur is because you are passionate about it! Let's communicate that to the world! 4thirteen Photography "Changing the way we advertise."

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