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2Fore Pictures

Photography and Videography · Everett United States

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2Fore Pictures was founded in 2013 by Shawn Ross, a former architect and teacher. 2Fore Pictures is the result of pure determination, hard work, and the ability to take seemingly disconnected education and life experiences and use it to fuel a passion. 2Fore Pictures is a full service photography and video production firm specializing in great imagery, moving or still, that will best tell the story his clients are seeking. Be it shooting a wedding deep in a canyon among the pine trees (with no cell service!) or developing an educational video on how to bathe your new baby, Shawn is able to deliver beyond what is expected. His wealth of education, knowledge, and life experiences make him more than capable to take on any project you may have in mind and deliver the highest quality product available. Contact 2Fore Pictures and chat with Shawn about your photographic or video needs.

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