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Videography · Chicago Illinois United States

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I'm an award winning freelance filmmaker from Chicago with a strong passion for captivating story telling and beautiful visuals. With experience in a multitude of disciplines, from branded content and commercials to live event or reality TV, I find a way to take every message and present it in a unique and compelling manner. Bio I spent most of my childhood honing my photography and visual skills on a manual film SLR given to me by my father. Playing around with a video camera and creating fun hobby projects with friends, started to help me realize that I was strongly drawn to motion pictures. I continued to craft this hobby while earning a degree in Business from Northern Illinois University. Because I did not major in film or media studies in college, I find that my degree gives me a unique perspective when working with small companies because I learned to understand the challenges and opportunities that small businesses encounter. It also allowed me to organically develop my skills and learn through trial and error over decades of experimentation. Once I had the opportunity to learn formally under experienced cameramen, I was able to refine my talents to a professional calibre. These wonderful experiences gave me the benefit of having an artistically minded heart, an experienced and discerning eye, and a mind that understands business.

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