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French-influenced bakery and restaurant that specializes in French baguettes, sandwiches, and pastries. Mr. Baguette prides itself in manufacturing all of their products in-house

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Category: Restaurants

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  • 3/31/2014

    There are plenty of places with banh mi for $2.75, they charge around $3.59 for your standard cold cut. But it's worth it. I will probably never go anywhere... read more

  • 6/21/2014

    Mr Baguette KICKS Lee's Sandwiches' A**! I don't know about you guys but I think Mr Baguette is the perfect Vietnamese sandwich! Their bread is definitely... read more

  • 7/9/2014

    When Mr. Baguette first came about in business, my mom went there all the time. Some pros about Mr. Baguette that I like that no other places (that I... read more


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