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How to Optimize Your Small Business Video on YouTube

Considering that video was the fastest growing ad format of 2012, it’s no wonder that small businesses are quickly jumping on the video marketing bandwagon. And with YouTube now planted as the #2 search engine on the web, small businesses are starting to understand the value of using video in their marketing efforts. However, as… Read more »

Production Tips To Bring Your Business Video To Life

So you are thinking of making your own video about your business? With the affordability of the equipment needed to make something good, many people are choosing this option. However, there are some things you might want to bear in mind to make sure your finished video is as good as it can be. Some… Read more »

Is video worth the investment?

Is online video worth the investment? As all things in life, it depends. The simple way to find out is to ask yourself these three questions. Is having an online presence important? Would I like to increase traffic to my website? Would I like to increase sales from my website? Let’s dive into the three… Read more »

5 Crowdfunding Video Tips to Maximize Your Efforts

­­­ Crowdfunding is HUGE. Websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionized the way a company, artist or individual can get the funding needed to get their project off the ground. Instead of relying on institutions with impossibly tight guidelines and no understanding of the online world that were  all connected to, crowdfunding lets you take… Read more »

How to Make a Viral Video

As a marketplace for video production (and professional photography) we’ve seen our share of requests for a viral video. As marketers, we’d all love to create a video that not only explains our product, but also creates a viral loop. However, creating a truly viral business video is very difficult. Trust me I’ve tried. At… Read more »

SmartShoot Report October 2012

Welcome to another monthly SmartShoot report where we give you an inside look into our video and photo marketplace. October was an exciting month as we launch our new marketplace where you can post a rfp for video production or professional photography. Here’s a look at our October numbers:   Here are some of the highlights:… Read more »

12 Wedding Videos That Make You Want to Get Married AGAIN

Getting married is an important part of a person’s life and making sure you capture your special day is very important. We won’t go into all the details as there are too many to cover. However, we did scour the web to find the best wedding videos to give you a little inspiration on your… Read more »

How to Make a Small Business Video That Stands Out

If you’re a small business owner who decided to get a video of your business, then congratulations! You are ahead of the curve. Adding video to your website will: Improve your Google rank Turn your visitors to customers Increase sales from your marketing spend With the recent launch of LinkedIn video ads along with YouTube… Read more »

SmartShoot Report September 2012

Welcome to the monthly SmartShoot report where we give you an inside look into our video and photo marketplace. Here’s a look at our September numbers: Highlights: 1,277 video and photo projects delivered 533 cities 52 jobs – the most done by a SmartShoot Creative 43 projects delivered a day Here are some of the… Read more »