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How to Optimize Your Small Business Video on YouTube

Considering that video was the fastest growing ad format of 2012, it’s no wonder that small businesses are quickly jumping on the video marketing bandwagon. And with YouTube now planted as the #2 search engine on the web, small businesses are starting to understand the value of using video in their marketing efforts. However, as… Read more »

Twitter Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Next to Facebook, the second most popular social media platform today is Twitter. It is called a micro-blogging site because it allows you to share anything in 140 characters or less. This includes your main message and hash tags. On it’s 7th anniversary, the social media platform stated that there are currently 200 million active Twitter users. Such… Read more »

Top Marketplaces to Catapult Your Marketing

Marketing is an indispensable part in running a business since it is the part where businessmen can communicate with their customers. Without it, penetrating the target market would be very difficult. Large scale companies spend thousands, or even millions, of dollars just to get their marketing strategies right, but this does not mean that small… Read more »

Top 5 YouTube Tips for Small Businesses

We all know the popularity of YouTube, but did you know that it is the #2 search engine on the web? Thats right its ahead of Yahoo and Bing. YouTube is quickly becoming a place where users go to get information on different products and services. For example, Blendtec has cleverly used YouTube to produce… Read more »