How it Works

We make it easy to find amazing photographers and videographers

Connect with a network of professional filmmakers and photographers

SmartShoot filmmakers and photographers are all professionals with pro-grade equipment and the expertise necessary to bring your project to life. SmartShoot connects you directly with a talented, experienced creative who works with you to ensure your project meets your unique needs.

1. Get pitches based on your specific project requirements.

Tell us exactly what you are looking for with your photo or video project, your budget and any deadlines – heck, you can even send us a video or photo and tell us “I want something just like this!” We’ll put your project in front of qualified professional filmmakers and photographers who will pitch you their ideas and budget for executing your project.

2. Choose the creative you want to work with.

SmartShoot creatives are among the best in the world. When filmmakers and photographers pitch for your project, you’ll see not only their pitch, but also feedback & comments on their past SmartShoot jobs, job history, rankings, samples of their work and more. Based on the pitch, rankings, ratings & history, you select the filmmaker or photographer that is best for you.

David Sparks

28 shoots

Mally Hartenstein

129 shoots

Guillaume Gaudet

167 shoots

Elizabeth Swihart

20 shoots

3. Collaborate online with your filmmaker or photographer.

Once you choose the creative and the budget that works for you, SmartShoot’s online tools help you and your filmmaker or photographer work together seamlessly and efficiently. From industry leading online video screening and edit request tools to high resolution photo review and selection tools, SmartShoot makes collaborating post your shoot simple and easy.


Use our scheduling tools to find a time that works for you and your creative

Photo review

Our photo review tools allow you to see your assets before they are delivered

Video screening

See the rough cuts and make edit requests to your creative

Edit collaboration

High res photo review tools

Asset delivery

Electronic delivery of your photos or video


If needed, our fantastic team will help you every step of the way

Rest assured, all our filmmakers and photographers are pros.

We vet all our filmmakers and photographers for skill, talent and equipment and display ratings and rankings from their past jobs with us so that you can select the filmmaker or photographer who is right for your project.

“Derek L. was fantastic! An awesome photographer and would recommend him to any one!”

Chad H, Huntsville, AL

“Mallory was pleasant, professional and willing to take photos of many different areas. Thanks so much!”

Rhonda R, Indianapolis, IN

“Very impressed with the professionalism of Edward and his photography is amazing. Highly recommend!”

Michelle M, Ontario, CA

“Bob did a great job and made sure to get photos of our community in the best lighting! Very professional and friendly, I would highly recommend him!”

Halley T, Little Rock, AR

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