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You’re Officially Challenged to a Pumpkin Carving Contest


That’s right – you’re officially challenged to a pumpkin carve off. And you’re double challenged if you’re a startup in San Francisco on 2nd St. Consider this your public call out. Yes there’s a Giants parade today, yes it’s nasty outside, but channel your inner pumpkin carving spirit and you could win some free headshot… Read more »

Introducing the SmartShoot Performance Index

Long Exposure Black and White Seascape

One of the challenges marketplaces face is creating efficiencies that work for both the buyers and the sellers. In the case of SmartShoot, we want to provide clients with access to the absolute best professional for their project. For photographers and videographers, we want to connect you with clients who fit your business. There are so many… Read more »

SmartShoot Creative Feature: Steven Poe


The SmartShoot Creative Community is packed with talent and passion and we love sharing that with the world. This week we’re featuring Steven Poe, a photography director and multimedia producer in Emeryville, California. View Steven’s SmartShoot Portfolio. Behind the scenes at one of Steven’s shoots. How did you get started as a photographer? I first… Read more »

SmartShoot Creative Feature: Keith B Dixon


The SmartShoot Creative Community is packed with talent and passion and we love sharing that with the world. This week we’re featuring Keith B Dixon, an ambitious photographer, lively entrepreneur and fellow San Franciscan. View Keith’s SmartShoot Portfolio. All photos by Keith B Dixon Tell us about yourself, Keith. I’m a commercial photographer based out… Read more »

5 Tips for Using Timelapse to Make an Impact

Colin Delehanty Yosemite

{Photo from Shutterstock} In the ultra-competitive world of professional photography and videography, you have to get shots that others either couldn’t have or wouldn’t have. Good instincts come with the territory, but so does a certain intuition about what else is already out there and how your portfolio can stand out from the rest. One… Read more »

Optimize Your Instagram Presence

Kyle Frost instagram photography

Instagram presents some exciting challenges for marketers. You can’t include links in captions or comments. You can’t copy and paste inactive links from captions and comments. Users can’t easily share your content to their personal networks. Even search is limited, mostly to hashtags. So why should marketers be scrambling to build a presence on Instagram?… Read more »

Marketing Inspiration From Great Storytellers


Marketing is rooted in storytelling. Gary Vaynerchuk says, “Whether it’s a 140-character story or a six-second one, or even one that disappears forever after 10 seconds, we need to be storytelling now!” Jonathan Gottschall describes in The Storytelling Animal that early in life we’re hardwired to consume, experience and share stories. As young children, we… Read more »

3 Creative Ways that Videos Boost Your Leads

Resolution season is in full swing. For many, that might mean getting into better shape. For marketers, it probably means adding new channels to your content strategy. I’ve spoken to a few businesses during the holiday season that expressed interest in adding video to their marketing mix. They were hesitant to do so, primarily because… Read more »