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What comes to your mind when you think of online videos? YouTube, cats playing the piano or maybe a crying Britney Spears fan? Sure anyone can make an online video and many already have, and the majority of YouTube’s most popular videos were created by one person with a low-resolution video camera. However, small businesses considering an online video must remember that the quality of the video matters above all. It matters more than the view counts and even exposure on social networks.  That’s not to say the two aren’t important, they are very important (I’ll get to that later), but without a high-quality video, you’re losing the one thing that you hope to gain with a video – trust.

Think about it for a second. What really separates you from your competition? Your work? Of course. Your expertise? Absolutely. But what really separates you from your competition? The answer is…YOU! With a video, you get to be in front of your potential customers and you have to opportunity to build trust by showcasing your expertise and friendliness. Whether your customers are finding you via a Google search, word of mouth, or Facebook, they will get to meet the real you! And let’s face it, you can’t find a better salesperson to sell your business than well you.

Now let’s get to the two other important parts of the puzzle – view counts and exposure. Let’s start with the latter. The TurnHere distribution network will get YOU in front of more than 100 million people – we’ll maximize your video views on Google, by matching your video to your Google Places Listing, add your video to your Facebook page and promote it across the web on Yahoo! Video, MetaCafe and more. Plus, you can use the video on your own website. That’s a lot of exposure.

Next, let’s talk about view counts. We’re always asked the question, how do I increase my view counts? How do I get a million views like Justin Beiber? We tell folks it’s not about quantity, but quality (sensing a theme here?). Let’s say you get 1 view a day or 30 views a month. Not much right? Well, what if I told you that you could pitch your services to 30 different people without leaving your house, scheduling an appointment or even being awake? Pretty cool, huh? Wait it gets better. Research shows that 21% of all video viewers make a purchase*. That means we just turned those 30 views into 6 new clients. And that’s every month, so we’re talking 36 new clients a year and you don’t have to do a thing.

*BIA/Kelsey User View Study, February 2010

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