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At TurnHere, our slogan is “Your Vision. Our Platform.” The premise is that no matter how crazy or creative of an idea you have, our talented filmmakers can execute it. Samir, owner of Used Tires Express, took it to heart. And Smith, our talented filmmaker, did an amazing job!

Check out this romantic comedy of an used tires shop. After the video read what Samir and Smith had to say about the video and their experience.

Who came up with the concept?

Smith, filmmaker: Samir came up with the concept, he wanted something high energy and different from the normal Yelp video, something that would stand out. He also wanted the video to be funny/goofy, so we batted around a few ideas, and he thought about riffing off of the cliche of two people running through wheat fields to hug each other. Then he let me figure out the best way to make it happen. Luckily his employees were really cooperative, and, as you can see, excellent actors.

How long was the shoot?

Samir, owner: Believe it or not it was quick and painless the filmmaker was on point and knew what I wanted.

Smith, filmmaker: The shoot went a little over- about 1 hr 45 minutes.

What were some of the challenges?

Smith, filmmaker: The biggest challenge was to get the shots he wanted while not spending 3 hours there. Also, I knew that to edit a higher energy video would require lots of smaller, faster moving shots, so I’d have to get LOTs of shots. A smaller challenge was not getting blown out too much. The garage had huge doors, and the lighting inside was much darker than outside, so I had to avoid shooting from the garage towards the doors. As a result I was limited as to exactly what angles I could shoot from and had to work around that.

What is your favorite shot in the video?

Smith, filmmaker: My favorite shot is when the hero starts running towards the tire. His facial expression is fantastic and the music, luckily, seemed to be timed perfectly to the change in action.

Are those guys really spinning that tire on their fingertips?

Smith, filmmaker: No they are not really spinning the tire. Samir had a mechanical platform (that we used to shoot the wide shot of the cars going into the garage) that he hung a rope off of. The rope was tied to the tire, and we twisted it up and then let it go. It was Samir’s idea.

What was the most funny moment on the shoot?

Smith, filmmaker: The funniest moment of the shoot was seeing Derek look longingly at the tire. He nailed it from the start. He was very game to participate.

What are the goals for the video?

Samir, owner: Put a smile on a stranger’s face and maybe a new customer.

Overall how was the experience?

Smith, filmmaker: When I first spoke with Samir, I was a little concerned because he seemed to have ambitions that I didn’t think we could match in a 90 minute period. But once I got there and we talked, I realized that this could be a nice chance to do something a little more fun and creative- and that’s what happened. It was a great shoot.

Samir, owner: Amazing!

About Used Tires Express (in their own words)

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