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Next to Facebook, the second most popular social media platform today is Twitter. It is called a micro-blogging site because it allows you to share anything in 140 characters or less. This includes your main message and hash tags.

On it’s 7th anniversary, the social media platform stated that there are currently 200 million active Twitter users. Such growth is 60 million greater than the number of users they had last year. These 200 million users are said to send in 400 Tweets per day.

What does these statistics mean to you and to your business?

The good thing about “Tweets” is they are brief and concise. Since  users can’t put a paragraph-long post, this can encourage conversation from people who have the same topic as yours, more or less. Therefore, you can engage your customers in a conversation. As subtly as you can, take this opportunity for them to fully convince that yours is the service that they need.

According to Mark Burrows of as featured in Yahoo News, 66% of the Twitter users tweet to recommend products and services, while 50 million users are after discounts and promos. Moreover, Twitter allows a convenient way for small businesses to make their presence felt together with larger companies and famous entrepreneurs.

To maximize the perks of Twitter marketing can bring, here’s what every small business owners have to do:

1. Sign up for Twitter

Set up an account for Twitter by filling up all the information asked. Be sure to create a username that’s closely related to the name or your business or the products and services that you offer.

If your the username you’ve chosen is not available, try to be creative by adding numbers or a dash in between words.


twitter home page

2. Follow important people related to your business

Choosing who to follow is an essential step in marketing through Twitter. Make sure that you’ll follow people who will have a future benefit to your business. If your business is about photography, then it is best to follow photography bloggers, famous photographers, or events coordinators. One of them may become your future clients or business partners.

On the other hand, watch out for spammer accounts. Be sure that the people following you are all legitimate and REAL Twitter users and not some spammer who would leave bad links to your profile.

3. Setup a landing page redirecting to your website

In creating your profile, don’t forget to add the URL leading to your website. If a Twitter user views your profile, chances are, they want to read more of your tweets and know more about you. Grab this great opportunity for them to become future customers by having your website on your Twitter profile page.

twitter profile

4. Promote or tweet quality contents only

In marketing your business, it is important to look into quality and relevance of he content. Although it is advised to tweet non-business related topics (such as tweeting about national economy), all content and tweets should be of high quality. It is difficult to post something thought provoking with 140 characters, but stating a phrase of what the content is about is enough.

Retweeting other users’ posts is also a good way of updating your Twitter account. This will encourage your followers to do the same to your posts.

5. Create a marketing strategy

Don’t just tweet for the sake of it. Figure out how you can maximize Twitter as a marketing tool. There are a lot of social media management tools available online such as Hootsuite and Buffer. Utilize these to keep your Twitter account updated.

There are many online activities that you can do with Twitter, such as:

  • posting regular promos and special offers for your business

  • answering inquiries to customer questions

  • posting regular website updates

  • notify followers about your latest business activities

Business owners should take Twitter as an opportunity to make their business known to a lot of prospective customers. Marketing it online through social media sites is a cost-effective way of that will surely bring in positive results for your growing businesses.


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