Posted October 3, 2012 by Steve Young

Welcome to SmartShoot, a marketplace that connects customers with the best local filmmakers and photographers.  Whether you’re a business with a $1M budget for your 30-second TV spot or an individual looking for the perfect photographer for your daughter’s wedding, we think the process of finding a great filmmaker or photographer is broken. So we’ve been hard at work, quietly building our company to make things better – simpler and more transparent.

Why did we start SmartShoot?  Today, customers looking for great filmmakers and photographers use search engines, paid directories, job boards or word of mouth – none provides a very efficient process. How do you compare one photographer to the other if everyone says “I’m the best!”?  How can you be sure that the price quoted to you for your job is fair?  How do you engage the ones that you want to work with in an efficient manner?  Enter SmartShoot. We think there is a huge need for a marketplace that offers both an open bidding process and an apples-to-apples comparison tool that lets you find the best creative for your budget.

For customers, we focus on creating a simple and transparent process to connect you with the best local filmmakers and photographers for any kind of job.  For creatives, we want to deliver more job opportunities and provide a fair process that gives control to them to decide which jobs they want to bid on and which they don’t.  Different than contest-driven sites or paid placement directories, SmartShoot focuses on providing customers and creatives with unique tools and information to make smart choices about working together, including:

1. Samples (Customers show what they like/want; Creatives show what they can produce)
2. Past Performance (Customers rank & evaluate creatives; Creatives are matched based on ranking)
3. Budget (Customers set budget limit; Creatives deliver bids for what should be expected for that price)

For us, launching SmartShoot is just the starting point.  We plan to make many improvements to our platform and process, mostly from the feedback we gather from customers and our creative network.  Still, don’t be fooled by the “Beta” label, we’re proud of what’s been accomplished already — the SmartShoot marketplace has over 15,000 vetted creatives, currently processes over a thousand jobs per month and quickly connects customers with filmmakers and photographers – often in a matter of minutes.  Our marketplace works so well that our creative network has shot, on location, in over 2,000 cities in the past 12 months alone.

So, we are excited to have you try our platform and work with our amazing creative network.  Please share your feedback, let us know what you like and don’t like – we want to make sure that we deliver an outstanding experience to you and simplify the process of connecting you with the best local filmmakers and photographers.

Thanks for the support,

Justin McCarthy

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