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Marketing is an indispensable part in running a business since it is the part where businessmen can communicate with their customers. Without it, penetrating the target market would be very difficult.

Large scale companies spend thousands, or even millions, of dollars just to get their marketing strategies right, but this does not mean that small businesses does not stand a chance in the competition.

The internet has a generous resource of companies who can perform various online marketing strategies to make campaigns work. Below are are some of the top marketplaces that provide cheap yet effective techniques to give your company a boost in marketing.

1. 99Designs

99 designs
Need a new logo or a custom WordPress theme?

99Designs is a crowdsourcing logo and web design service. Their services is perfect for any business that doesn’t have a dedicated web designer or graphic artist for their various designing needs. From logos to business card designs, from banners to landing pages, their creative professional team are always there to give you the best output.


theme forest features hundreds of ready made templates for businesses. It is a marketplace for buying and selling HTML templates, WordPress themes, email marketing templates and more. It’s fantastic for any business who doesn’t have the time and resources to create their websites and marketing templates from scratch.

There are more than 8, 794 templates for WordPress, HTML, Joomla, PSD, Email, and Magento which provides a generous number of choices for their customers. The templates are all customizable to fit the customer’s brand.



Need to make customize your website (aka “tweak” your website), but can’t hire a dedicated web designer or developer? is the place for you.

Tweaky is made up of a team of online marketers, graphic designers, and web developers to make sure that the customize website is not only attractive, but also made into something that can convert regular web visitor into a prospective customer.

Can you add popular tweaks here? Take a look at the bottom of the page and highlight 3 or 4 popular tweaks.

4. Trada

Trada is a crowdsourced online advertising marketplace  of certified online ad experts that work together on your paid search campaigns.

If you need a sophisticated paid search solution without the cost and complication of an in-house team then look no further. With Trada, you have access to a community of paid search experts who do the daily work of campaign setup, buildout, research and optimization. You remain in complete control of your campaign with visibility into all of the work the experts do for you.

5. UserTesting

user testing
Have you ever wondered what your visitors were actually thinking while navigating your website? Now you can! With UserTesting you get a video of a visitor speaking their thoughts as they use your site. You also receive a written summary describing the problems they encountered.

After using UserTesting ourselves we made a few adjustments that lead to a 35% increase in posted projects.

and of course…

6. SmartShoot

And of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention ourselves. SmartShoot is the leader in professional photography and video production. We aim to connect every customer to their ideal filmmaker or photographer to bring out the best collection of photos and videos for various purposes.

You tell us what you need (ie head shots of your team, a video explaining your product or service, or a live event shoot) and our pool of vetted and rated network of photographers and filmmakers compete for your business. You then select whom you’d like to work with based on sample work, number of jobs, reviews and more.

Finally our platform steps you through the entire process from pre-production to post-production edits (for video) to payment to delivery of your stunning photos or video.

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