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Here’s another great video by TurnHere filmmaker Johnie Tidwell for The Beef Jerky Store in Las Vegas, Nevada. One Yelp review perfectly describes the store and its owner Steve Nitura:

Excellent snack shop. Folks from Hawaii all know about this place. Crazy owner Steve sings to you at the counter. Ask him to sing his “Yelp, I Need Somebody” song.

The jerky selection is amazing.  You name it, they have it.  Friendly staff from Hawaii.  Our kids also loved the slushy drinks.

We stop by every visit to Vegas.  See you all next time!!

We asked Johnie for an inside scoop on the shoot.

How long was the shoot?

Johnie, filmmaker: The video shoot was about two-hours, but much of the additional time spent on location was getting insight into the business and who they market there business towards. They have a large inventory of specialty snack products and we had to focus on the key products that brought them their business. Steve Nitura (spokesperson) was a natural with the interview portion – having Steve “pop-up” in various parts of the store made the most sense with his energetic personality. The rest of the shoot was getting interesting b-roll with lots of product shots – that had visually appealing packaging.

What were some of the challenges?

Johnie, filmmaker: I think the main challenge was how to film a store full of inventory. There was a large selection of Beef Jerky, but they also offered hundreds of other snacks. We decided to focus on some key products and do a walk through tour of the many sections of the store with Steve as the tour guide. Unfortunately, it was way too long to incorporate in the edit. We just used it as b-roll footage at the end.

What is your favorite shot?

Johnie, filmmaker: Favorites shots are with Steve say “Like Tofu” and his intro.

How was the overall experience?

Johnie, filmmaker: It was a great shoot, I had fun with the client and they were willing to go with the flow. During the pre-checklist, we discussed what they thought was most important to mention in the video. Pretty much, they were flexible with the creative aspects.

Any other comments?

Johnie, filmmaker: Just another fun shoot, I think that is when “happy accidents” happen. I had no idea how it was going to turn out until I started the editing process. It was certainly one of the few smooth edits that I have worked on.

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