Posted April 19, 2013 by Steve Young

The SmartShoot Star is a weekly blog series that features a SmartShoot creative. Our fantastic Creative Network features some of the best photographers and filmmakers in the world and we want to make sure they get their due exposure.

This week’s SmartShoot Star goes to Nick Paonessa who has been AMAZING on SmartShoot. He’s done close to 100 jobs and delivers the best possible content for our customers.

A sample of his work:

What are some of their major accomplishments/awards?

Nick: Graduating NYU and marrying my wife. Professionally, shooting a presentation pilot that I co-produced this year was a major accomplishment. We shot 27 pages in 3 days with a budget of under $10,000 — it’s currently in post.

Why do they like working with SmartShoot?

Nick: I LOVE working with SmartShoot because it removes the burden of having to drum up business myself. I always know there will be a (paying) opportunity to shoot something with. I also love that they handle the administrative work, so I can focus on the creative work. It’s great to feel they are on my team going forward with projects and know they have my back when dealing with the administrative logistics of a project.

What’s your favorite SmartShoot project?

Nick: My favorite SmartShoot project is probably the one I’m currently working on. It’s basically a commercial for a new product which is launching later this year. It has actors and story line and is probably the closest thing to an actual commercial that I’ve shot. This will give me the opportunity to have a commercial with a fairly decent budget under my belt and onto my portfolio, which could lead to more commercials with bigger budgets in the future.

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