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Are you looking for some inspiration for your Facebook Cover Photo?

We scoured the web to find the best looking Facebook cover photos of small businesses.

Here are 17 small businesses with nice looking Facebook cover photos and the lessons from each page:

#1: Show the lighter side of your business

Let It Ride Design

Who: Let It Ride Design

What we like: The video that we created for Let It Ride Design was as quirky and funny as their Facebook cover photo. These guys have a lot of personality and are NOT afraid to show it (which we love!).

#2: Show the finished product


Who: Ortanic

What we like: Why would anyone want an airbrush tan? To look good at the beach! We love that the cover photo represents the primary benefit of its services.

#3: Show the benefits of your service


Who: Fear fest

What we like: If you’re like me then you are fixated to the TV anytime a commercial for a workout program comes out. Why? Because we love seeing before and after transformations.

#4: Show off what you sell


Who: My Little Jules

What we like: Cute babies and cute outfits? I’m sold. I also like how My Little Jules uses a text overlay that states what they do and what products they sell.

#5: Make a collage of what you do


Who: Ruby Media Group

What we like: This is a great example of utilizing every pixel to highlight your products and services. I know exactly what they do just from the Facebook cover photo alone.

#6: Show off your unique brand


Who: JPO Concepts

What we like: Helah Kehati, President of JPO Concepts, wanted a unique artwork that fit with her personality as well as the many aspects of the business. She used a variety of professional and unique sketches that showcased the business within the streets of New York.

#7: Get a little provocative


Who: Glitz Flips

What we like: It’s okay to get a little provocative at times. This is also a great example of using your branding within your cover photo.

#8: Show the faces behind the brand


Who: lotus823

What we like: While most marketing agencies want to appear big, lotus823 wants to show that they are a small team of dedicated and friendly looking folks who want to help you with your marketing.

#9: Show social proof


Who: H.E. Freeman Enterprises

What we like: We love that Harrine utilizes her media appearances within the cover photo. It definitely caught my eye and is one step towards building a trusting relationship with your potential clients.

#10: Share how it all started


Who: Simply Kerry

What we like: One of the most powerful cover photos we’ve seen. The story behind Kerry’s business definitely makes me want to learn more about her services.

#11: Let people know that you’re famous


Who: Cheers Boston

What we like: Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came. If your bar was the inspiration behind a TV show, wouldn’t you show it off too?

#12: Show people that you’re popular


Who: Crossfit-Springfield

What we like: Ever go to a restaurant just because you saw a long line? The impact of social proof is very powerful and showing off your many customers is a great way to engage potential customers.

#13: Give a preview


Who: Air Ventures Hawaii

What we like: Air Ventures does a great job of giving a preview of one of their trips. It’s a beautiful shot and makes me want to take a tour (except I’d really be afraid of being that high in the sky).

#14: Make a gallery of your products


Who: Hello!Lucky Stationery

What we like: Do you have multiple products that you sell? Why not show them off in your cover photo? The only thing I’d add to the photo is a tagline that overlays the stationary.

#15: Mention all your services


Who: One Martial Arts

What we like: I love this cover photo! The human eye is scientifically drawn to faces, so I love the fact that One Martial Arts uses faces to get our attention. Secondly they highlight their services right above each photo. Brilliant!

#16: Make it action-oriented


Who: ad hoc & addendum

What we like: Must fight hunger while writing this description. I love the use of a call-to-action within the photo. The photo capitalizes on its deliciousness and tells users to “click below to place an order”.

#17: Get a stunning photo


Who: Sports Center at Chelsea Piers

What we like: This is a stunning photo of the facility and really does a great job of capturing the size of the gym. The picture alone makes me want to visit just to see it in person.


While having a great looking Facebook cover photo is step one to growing your sales on Facebook it’s also important to continually change your photo. Make sure you refresh it to represent your current look and feel or to introduce new products and services.

What do you think? Which one was your favorite?

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