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How to Not Look Ugly on a Webcam

Posted November 21, 2013 by Steve Young

How Not to Look Ugly on a Webcam

Source – Mixergy

#1: Don’t have any light behind you (even if it’s from a window)

When light hits a webcam, it compensates by going dark, which makes you look like a faceless shadow.

#2: Have light facing you

That’s how they make people look good on TV.

#3: Mind your background

No bathroom or anything funky behind you.

#4: Use an ethernet cable to connect to the internet & turn wifi off

Wifi is convenient, but it has latency issues, which makes you look like you’re constantly 2 seconds behind the conversation.

#5: Find a quiet place to record

If people have to strain to hear you, they’ll feel annoyed.

#6: Restart your computer. Even if it’s a Mac.

It’s the best way to ensure random background programs aren’t taking resources away.

#7: Turn off any programs you don’t need

Even web browsers can be resource hogs.

#8: Pause (or shut off) programs that upload or download files in the background

Look for programs that you don’t think about, like Dropbox or cloud backup software.

#9: Ask people who are sharing your internet network not to upload or download large files

It’ll slow down your connection and make you hard to see and hear you.

#10: Position yourself so you’re in the center of the webcam

If you slouch, you’ll look like a little head in the lower corner of people’s computer screens, which will make you seem weak and uncaring.

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