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How did Airbnb transform itself from a failing startup to a billion dollar company? When viewing online home listings, where do potential home buyers spend 60% of their time?

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The answer is professional photography.

There’s a fundamental shift happening in the real estate industry (and the web in general) and professional photos are playing a key part in the success of many businesses.

Moreover, with the rise of social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, there is further proof that consumers demand a visually appealing online presence.

In this post, we’ll cover 8 blog posts that cover the importance of professional photography in the real estate industry.

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1) In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More

Attention desperate home sellers. Don’t want to lower the price on your house? Consider better photos. Real-estate listings that use photographs taken by the higher-end SLR cameras favored by photographers and photography enthusiasts, tend to do better than those that use photos from cheaper point-and-shoot cameras, according to a new analysis done by Redfin Corp., a Seattle-based brokerage.

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2) 20 Seconds for Love at First Sight

Researchers tracking the eye movements of subjects who looked at online home listings found that more than 95% of users viewed the first photo—the one that shows the exterior of the home—for a total of 20 seconds.

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3) How to Stand Out in the Travel Industry

In this post, I explore three case studies that explain why professional photos are so important these days and how businesses can use them to strengthen and deepen their online presence.

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4) Field Guide to Digital Cameras & Photography

Did you know that 98% of home buyers who searched for a home on the internet found photos to be among the most useful features of REALTOR® websites? This article will guide you from the beginning to the advanced stages of how to choose and use one of real estate’s hottest tools.

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5) Photo Tricks to Sell Your Home

Larry Lohrman, a real estate photography guru, gives his top 5 photography tips. He noted that in this slower market, good photography can give a seller an edge.

“Market times are very long, and in any given submarket, the inventory is huge,” Lohrman said. “So I think the real issue is how you stand out among the competition. To me, one of the best ways to stand out is photography.”

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6) Free Infographic: Professional Photography Nets You More For Your Home!

Check out the infographic that RuxtaRealty  put together that highlights data from the National Association of Realtors and REDFIN that proves you can sell your house for more with professional photographs.

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7) What’s ‘beautiful’ worth? About $12,500

In real-estate listings, what’s the difference between describing your home as “beautiful” versus “move-in condition”? About $12,500 on a $250,000 home.

Professor Paul Anglin, a real-estate economist in Guelph, Ontario, says that homes described as “beautiful” in real-estate listings sell for 5% more while “move-in condition” has no effect on sale price.

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8) How smart photos will change real estate

Recently, a company called ‘Stipple’ has been making some noise in the image monetization and social shopping arena.  They allow businesses to create content and messaging within an image (without widgets or code), and then analyze & track the interaction with the data inside that image.

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