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Product videos are very important for businesses because it is one of the tools that you can use to increase awareness about your products or services. There are different options or methods for advertising a business, and since a lot of people prefer audio-visual mediums, you have to create a short but concise product video.

Have you ever worked on product videos before? Well, these eight product videos will surely make you envious. Check them out.

1. Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club was able to capture the attention of buyers through this amazing video. It is simple and straight to the point. It is a constant reminder for people out there to NOT forget in getting their blades by simply paying a low monthly fee.

2. Hoody

The video is simple yet catchy. If you want to make good money doing what you’re passionate about, you can easily sell services based on your expertise and skills through Hoody.

3. Path

Do you want to share life with family and friends, or perhaps find a place where you can be yourself? Check out this video and don’t forget to visit where you can sign up. I love the emotional appeal that the video makes while it walks you through it’s features.

4. RelayRides

I like the style of video that RelayRides uses. They make it seem like I’m listening to two of my friends tell me about a new service.

5. Twitter for Small Business

Through social networks, you can now reach the right people to earn great profits. This video introduces Promoted Products for Small Business and is one of the best product videos you can find to inspire you to market your small business online.


This video is made by Lucas Zanotto and Nicola Smanio, and is also one of the best product videos that will inspire your creativity and imagination.

7. Google Wallet

Do you want to start shopping online? If you do, then you should avail of Google Wallet. This product video shows you why a Google Wallet is worth considering. You can store your reward cards, offers, debit cards, and credit cards in your very own virtual wallet to add up to security, savings, and speed when shopping on the web.

8. MyCabbage

MyCabbage is similar to Google Wallet but it is primarily used for storing gift cards, coupons, or daily deals. This is where you can store savings opportunities. The video is great, and if you prefer a safer way to store your savings opportunities, consider MyCabbage.

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