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What mobile app stores offers now is just amazing. It seems that there is an app for anything imaginable. With high quality video cameras on iPhones and app’s that bring postproduction to your fingertips, creating a great video can all be done in the palm of your hand! Devices like the Flip Camera are only capable of recording video at the moment.  However, an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be used to edit the video and share it on the go.

#1 iMovie

“Designed for the Multi-Touch screen, iMovie puts everything you need to tell your story at your fingertips.” This app is incredibly easy to use and lets the user make a fantastic video quickly by tapping to add video, photos, music and sound effects. Look like an expert and add a theme, titles, and transitions. There are eight themes that each have a set of titles, transitions, AND music. Users are also able to record audio directly into the timeline. When the video is polished it can be published in HD straight to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, & CNN iReport.
Costs: $4.99


#2 Qik Video Camera Pro

Qik Video is made by Skype and compliments Skype’s main features. Like live video chat and sharing Qik video allows the user to add filters, edit and video chat. The editing tools in Qik are a little simpler than the options in iMovie, but still produce great results. Once you finish the video it’s extra easy to upload and share HD video recorded on a iPhone. Unlike iMovie Qik also allows video chat over WiFi and 3G.
Costs: Free


#3  CinemaFX for Video

CinemaFX for Video has a lot of amazing features that will make a homemade video truly your own. This app includes several effect packages that bring a new look to videos with stylistic themes such as Egyptian Gold, Charmed Glow, Dark Comic, Surveillance Cam, Vampire World, WWII, Indian Summer, 70s Dusty, and many more. You are able to compare the new video loaded with effects with the original untouched video. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube (in full HD on iPhone) directly or emailed to friends and family.
Costs $2.99


#4 Animoto Videos

Animoto takes the pictures from your photo albums and turns them into a beautiful music video. This app is extremely easy to use and allows users to make a photo slideshow in no time at all.
Costs: Free


#5 Splice – Video Editor

Splice lets you create and edit all aspects of the video. By cutting together clips with an easy-to-use drag and drop timeline. The user is able to add music from itunes, photos from your albums, visual effects (like, slow & fast motion), transitions, text, audio mixing. Splice also has a store with hundreds of sound affects, music tracks and boarders that can be bought to enhance the video.
Costs $3.99

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