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In the ultra-competitive world of professional photography and videography, you have to get shots that others either couldn’t have or wouldn’t have. Good instincts come with the territory, but so does a certain intuition about what else is already out there and how your portfolio can stand out from the rest. One of the most popular types of stock footage is timelapse. The problem is that many of them start to look the same, with similar techniques and focuses. Here are five proven ways to breathe new blood into your timelapses:

1. Find a Unique Point of View

2. Climb the Heights

A city setting, with lots of people rushing from one place to another, presents all kinds of obstacles to getting the shot you really want. However, if you treat the people and city fare as the subjects themselves, they become more intriguing. To achieve that, you’ll need to rise above, as high as you’re willing to go. People love a good view where everything looks so small by comparison. Your timelapse reflects how much is going on all at once on the ground without anyone really noticing.

3. Get Up Close and Personal

On the contrary, if you zoom in tightly on something small, you can get new insight into the beauty that often gets buried. Macro effects are popular in photography and your timelapses can accomplish the same goal. If something takes a long time to develop or open, you can leave a camera positioned on it while you wait. Then, once the transformation is complete, you’ll speed up the process to illustrate what occurred. Many videographers on YouTube have done this with their daily looks. Follow the trend.

4. Tell Hard-to-Capture Stories

Data. Science. Information. There’s not much obvious creativity there to drawn upon. Yet, the great videographers can make any subject, no matter how dull or mundane, come alive. As we’ve grown reliant on technology for our day-to-day functions, we still haven’t quite cracked how to depict that. Timelapses are a great way to speed things up and show growth, progress, and speed. Bring it all to life.

5. Set the Scene For Big Events

If you watch any big sporting event like the Super Bowl, you’ll note how much stock footage gets used in the broadcasts to build hype and buy time for the network to set the mood for the day. Since sports are such a fixture of our society, you can expect this method of storytelling to continue for decades to come. Even if you don’t have access to the big game, you can take great timelapses from a distance away and portray the heart of a long and enduring season.

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