Posted October 2, 2012 by Steve Young

While we’d all love for all our videos to go viral, small businesses currently using videos shouldn’t focus on the virality of a video, but more on how to make each visit to their web properties (ie. Yelp/Google Places listing, website, Facebook fan page) turn into a customer.

In this blog post, we cover three dead simple video marketing tips you can use to grow your business.

1. Add Video to All Your Web Properties

Rather than focusing on making your video go viral (which frankly is highly unlikely), make a good, high-quality video and then add it to the web properties your potential customers are already visiting (ie. your web site, Yelp Listing, Google Places Listings, Facebook Fan Page).

Since shoppers convert as often on tablets as on PCs, make sure the video player you use works on mobile devices like the iPad. Most of the popular video players including the TurnHere player, YouTube and Vimeo all play video on any device.

2. Put Video on Your Homepage

How can you get the maximum exposure for your video? By putting it on the most visited part of your website.

I still see businesses putting video on their services page or the about us page. Although the context of the video may make sense for that area of the site; you’re doing your video an extreme injustice by burying it on a part of the site that folks may never visit.

Take a look at Dropbox’s homepage. You have two big options – watch the video or download the app. Clean and elegant.

3. Put Actionable Content Next to the Video

According to Eyeview, video on landing pages have been shown to increase conversions by 80%. And another study by the Kelsey Group states that 21% of video viewers either call or make a purchase after viewing a video.

Therefore you should make it easy for the viewer to do something after watching the video. Whether it’s calling your business, making a reservation or making a purchase, don’t make the viewer look far to find your desired action.

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