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Getting married is an important part of a person’s life and making sure you capture your special day is very important. We won’t go into all the details as there are too many to cover.

However, we did scour the web to find the best wedding videos to give you a little inspiration on your upcoming nuptials.

Here are 12 wedding videos which will surely make you want to get married again.

1. Inspirational Wedding Video

This is an inspirational wedding video showing that the couple (Alan and Marci) is deeply in love with one another.


2. James and Aubrey

It is a wedding which proves that life is beautiful. The video shows more of nature since Miss James of Bleubird is a treasure hunter who is married to Aubrey, who is also her photographer. Their wedding featured a magical event in the world with a wonderful time made by these loving people.


3. Princess Diana Wedding

One of the best royal weddings in the history of the world is that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981. Majesty and love are the main theme of the wedding and these two great people are loved by the whole world because of the good deeds that they made.


4. Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Sotto Wedding Video

Kristine and Oyo’s wedding is another inspiring wedding video held in a lovely place. The video highlights how their loved ones are happy for both of them while the couple expresses great joy as well.


5. A Surprise Wedding Ending

This wedding video is a surprise wedding actually. The bride was greatly surprised by her parents. She was expecting a traditional wedding recession but in the end of their wedding ceremony, something exciting happened.


6. A Moving Moment

A very different type of wedding video is what Lee Morris, a professional wedding photographer, emphasized in this video.


7. Corbin+Ashlyn

Corbin and Ashlyn were married on December 30, 2011 and it was held at Los Angeles LDS Temple. It is one of the most romantic wedding videos which will truly inspire other people who will view it.


8. Romantic wedding video

Here is another romantic wedding video which is filmed in London near Heathrow Airport. It shows that the bride is so lovely and excited on her wedding day.


9. Most Beautiful Fairytale Wedding

This is a video posted by Daniel and Evelina during their 1st wedding anniversary. It shows a beautiful fairytale wedding that has turned to reality.


10. Romantic Wedding Video

It is a short yet meaningful summary of an amazing wedding ceremony which was held at Kent, UK on June 16, 2007.


11. Romantic Wedding Video (By Mark Biza)

Mark Biza made this romantic wedding video which highlights a happy couple on their wedding day. They show that they are both excited to start a brand new life together.


12. A Romantic Wedding Video at Rivervale Barn

Here is a wedding video that is made so romantic by choosing the highlights trailer of Nat and Andy’s wedding.

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