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Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.
– Drew Houston, co-founder of Dropbox

Did you know that before Drew Houston wrote a single line of code, he made a video explaining the service he wanted to build? (source: Mixergy)

And the result? Pages of feedback from all the people that watched the video that allowed him to build the product we all love today.

We’ve all heard that video is a great marketing tool for sales. However, it’s also a great tool to get feedback before you even launch.

In today’s world, to be a viable startup you must have more than just a landing page, you need a video that explains your product and services.

How does it solve a user’s problems? What can users do with your service that they currently cannot? Video helps answers all those questions in a medium that users actually want.

We scoured the web to find the best startup videos ever created and here are 10 you wish you produced. Okay best ever created is a stretch, but it sounds cooler, right?

1. Clear for iPhone

Clear is designed to help you manage your life without adding clutter. It’s a beautifully-designed, gesturally-driven app that we’ve created to improve on a pencil and notepad for flexibly keeping quick, simple todo lists.

2. Square Register

Square Register aims to help you grow, run, and start your business by providing you everything.

3. Branch

Turn your coffees into a great conversation with Branch. A new way to talk with someone you knew. Join a branch today and let the conversation begins.

4. AccessHive

From bare wires to mobile phones, AccessHive lets you have the key for all and freedom to access everything in the internet. With AccessHive, there’s no place you can’t access.

5. Color

What do you do when you raise $40MM? Make one great video! With Color share LIVE video Broadcasts from your phone to your friends’ phones and your favorite social networks. Watch the action as it happens. Free for iPhone and Android.

6. Cash Out

There is nothing cooler than Cash Out. Pay your bills and compute the total of your bills for you to determine the real score.

7. Bump Technologies

This startup video introduces the flock app of Bump Technologies. Flock finds all the photos you have taken with your friends and family and bring them together in one album.

8. Xero

Wanting to have ease in accounting? Then, start from Xero. A beautiful app that will help you count numbers.

9. Pinnatta

An awesome startup video that will make you share interactive messages using your Android or iPhone.


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